About Wetzler Studios

Commercial photographers since 1923

Photography, done well. Wetzler Studios has been in business for almost 100 years for many reasons – bold decisions, talented photographers, loyal and supportive clients, and wonderful relationships. As we look towards our one hundredth anniversary, we strive to continue the good work of our grandfather, and our father. Our focus continues to be on creating compelling, high quality, professional images to support the advertising, marketing and commercialization needs for companies and individuals across Northeast Ohio, and beyond.

Wetzler Studios specialize in creating advertising, editorial, portrait, narrative, studio and environmental images. Our work has appeared in campaigns, magazines, billboards, newspapers, galleries and across web platforms too numerous to mention; and our clients include large brands, big and small companies and advertising agencies as well as non-profits, individuals, artists, and galleries. Through our images, clients are able to inform, educate, and expand their reach.

The Third Generation

Rob Wetzler

Rob Wetzler

Easy to work with, Rob is a natural with people. His ability to take control puts people at ease, and ensures them that they will get the best results. Every time. He elevates the common to the uncommon, the everyday to the exceptional.

Rob works hard to make it look easy, knowing preparation pays dividends in the end. Rob is always well-prepared, having learned from his dad to “plan your work, and work your plan.”  

Rob’s passion is the Pan Ohio Hope Ride, a 328-mile bike ride across the state of Ohio that serves as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodges in Cleveland and Cincinnati. He is also a dedicated platelet donor through the Red Cross, helping to save lives one donation at a time.


Margaret Wetzler

Margaret Wetzler

A collaborative partner with clients, vendors and others involved in the industry, Margaret enjoys the challenges that come with each new project. Educated at The University of Findlay, with a B.S. in Business Administration, Margaret runs the operations of the studio with an exacting nature and attention to detail. Outside of work, she spends time serving as President of the First Presbyterian Society, fostering for Lucky Paws, a rescue organization, mastering the ancient game of Mahjong, cavorting with the members of the Lakewood Women’s Club, reading books from the Lakewood Public Library, and practicing pilates at SuNaya Studios. She is the proud caretaker of the second most darling cat in the world, PawSome, a foster fail from Lucky Paws. Rocky Houseboat will always hold the honor of the world’s most darling cat.



Rocky Houseboat

Rocky Houseboat (2015 – Jan 23, 2020) graced the studio with his presence most days, enjoying the life of luxury that only a cat knows. Treats were always available, as were any number of comfy napping spots, lots of attention when wanted, and places to escape when solitude and reflection were needed. Rocky provided entertainment and brought levity to most situations; and he loved to be featured in photoshoots. His most famous moment was with a whole lot of Sherwin-Williams roller covers…he was a big fan of the Purdy White Dove brand!

The Founders


Gus Wetzler (1893-1964)

Gus immigrated to America from Hungary, having earned his passage over as a cabin boy onboard a steam liner. Once in New York City, he fell in with relatives from the old country, and learned the art of photography from an established photographer. Gus was drafted, and served as a photographer in the Army during WW1. In order to capture overviews of enemy plans and staging, he cut a hole in the bottom of a bi-plane to take reconnaissance pictures in the European theater. Gus started his studio in Cleveland during an era of exuberance and excess, but was soon thrown into the difficulties of the depression. He succeeded through his eye-catching photography, helping companies stand-out and win the precious consumer dollars that were available.

Blanche and her sisters

Blanche Wetzler (1905-2001)

Blanche started at Wetzler Studios in the late 1920’s as a receptionist and was self-taught in the skill of hand-coloring monochromatic photo prints. She and Gus fell in love, were married, and had two sons, both of whom went into the family business.  


Tom Wetzler (1932-1985)

Following graduation from Butler University, Tom served in the Army in Japan. Upon his return to the states, he began work at the studio. Tom had an inspiring philosophy on life: Run Your Own Race, and he did so throughout his career. A determined innovator in business process, Tom brought color film processing in-house to integrate services, improve turn-around and the ability to control quality – clients were always first and foremost in Tom’s mind. Tom took pride in hiring young, unproven photographers, many of whom went on from their start at the studio to form their own successful studios in Cleveland.  


Ted Wetzler (1935-2013)

Ted started in the family business at an early age, delivering packages at 5 years old, and mastering the photo stat machine by age 10. He followed Tom to Butler University, gaining experience as a photographer working for the college newspaper. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the Army, and served in Europe. After a stint with a catalog photographer in New York, Ted joined the company in 1962. An early adapter of technology – think Sony Discman, Betamax, Apple //C, etc. –  Ted ushered the studio into the digital age in 1999, and guided the process, and the studio, until his retirement in 2005.