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Cleveland, OH 44114


    How do we continually perform to such high levels?

    How do we approach each job, knowing our clients are counting on us to deliver? Here’s our methodology:

    Consistency – We know how to achieve great results when taking pictures: level-headedness, great listening skills, an ability to interpret what a client says into what s/he wants. These are markers that ensure you will get quality photos under any circumstances.

    Technical Skills – We are much more than picture takers. We have mastered the art of lighting, posing, editing and other effects. And we have the skills to combine these elements to give you one-of-a-kind photos.

    Professionalism – When hiring Wetzler Studios, you know you are working with people who truly love what they do. We take the time needed, and go the extra mile to produce images that exceed your expectations.  

    We are talented, skilled and educated professionals. We have taken the time and had the dedication to learn the techniques, to seek out instruction from other professionals, to practice our skills, and to invest in the technology. All so you can have gorgeous images.